British Steel Pension Scheme

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Top Up Contributions (TUCs)

What are TUCs?

TUCs are a simple and effective way to supplement your benefits from the British Steel Pension Scheme.  At retirement, your TUC account is used to provide you with additional income on top of your main Scheme benefits. 

Unlike your main Scheme benefits, TUCs operate on a DC or money purchase basis. The value of your TUC account available to you to buy a pension at retirement will be determined by the amount of money paid in and how well the investments have performed. 

TUCs are entirely voluntary, and as the name suggests, they are paid on top of your ordinary contributions to the Scheme, however unlike your ordinary contributions, it’s up to you to choose how much you pay and how your contributions are invested.

Where will my TUCs be invested?

The Trustee has delegated responsibility for the day to day TUC administration and investment management to a specialist provider, currently Legal & General Assurance Society Limited (Legal & General), one of the largest occupational DC providers in the UK. Legal & General will work closely with the Pensions Office on behalf of the Trustee.

Neither the Company nor the Pensions Office can give you advice about selecting the appropriate investment fund for your TUCs.  If you need help in deciding which of the funds best suits your investment needs, you should seek external independent financial advice.  The IFA Promotions website has contact details for local independent financial advisers.


Once you have commenced payment of your TUCs, you can manage your account online by clicking on the 'Click Here' link box below.  This will take you to the Legal & General website where you can access information about your personal fund whenever you want.  Further information relating to the 'Manage Your Account' facility can be obtained from your TUC Joiner Pack.

Further information:

If you are interested in joining the Scheme's TUC arrangement and require further information, please click on the links below to access the TUC Joiner Pack:

Decisions - a guide to help understand the things you need to think about when making your investment choices. Factsheets for each of the available funds are also included, as follows:

Investment Choices for your Top Up Contributions - lists the investment options under TUCs

Q&A (to follow)

If you decide you wish to join the TUCs arrangement, you must complete a Top Up Contribution Application Form.

You can regularly review your TUCs performance.  Keep an Eye on Things explains how.

Alternatively, you can obtain a printed version of the TUC Joiner Pack by contacting the Pensions Office.