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The Pensions Office

Based in Glasgow, thirty-eight staff are employed in managing the Scheme’s business on a day-to-day basis. The Director, Group Pensions, is Jim Cumming, who is also a member of the Management Committee. Jim has been involved in the Scheme's administration since 1970. The Scheme Secretary is Ian Kelly who joined the Pensions Office in 1973.

Pensions Office staff deal with enquiries from all categories of members, prepare quotations for those members nearing retirement or for those leaving the Scheme at other times. They will also be involved in contacting and assisting beneficiaries who are entitled to benefits on the death of a member. The Pensions Office pays out the Scheme benefits.

The Pensions Office also manages communication with members through newsletters as well as individual letters, and is your first port of call if you have a query, although active members may prefer to contact their Pay Centre in the first instance.

For information about how to contact us, click “contact us” below.

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