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This page is designed to give you a brief introduction to the British Steel Pension Scheme website.

The site is designed to be a reference guide for anyone who is interested in the British Steel Pension Scheme, and not just those who are current members.

If there is too much information to be seen on any one page, scrolling arrows will appear at the top and bottom of the text to enable the user to view the remainder of the page (see picture on right). Simply rest the mouse over the arrows to activate them. This page is an example of the need for you to scroll down to view information further below.

Page Links
Sometimes extra pages are required to give more information on specific subjects. Links to these pages are provided by yellow coloured text, and can be accessed by clicking on them with the mouse.

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The site is divided into seven main sections, which can be accessed by clicking on the menu buttons to the right of the screen. The red state indicates an un-selected button, the yellow indicates that you have selected (but not clicked) that button and the green that you have clicked that button to go to that section. Within each section are a number of related pages which can be viewed by clicking on the topics that appear at the bottom of the screen.


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A button is located in the bottom left of each screen, which will take you back to the initial homepage. To either side of the 'Home' button are two smaller buttons which will take you backwards and forwards through the pages you have just viewed.

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We hope you enjoy using this site, and find it useful and informative. To return to the main introduction, click here, or select a subject topic from the menu on the right.

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