British Steel Pension Scheme
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Investment of Assets

The strength of our Scheme rests in sound and efficient management and successful investment of the funds. Without investment income, there would be no ready funds available to pay pensions and benefits to our members.

Investment, especially given the size of the British Steel Fund, is a complex and specialised task. That is why the Trustee has formed an Investment Committee to supervise this vital part of the  Scheme's business.

The Investment Committee, acting on behalf of the Trustee Company, meets regularly four times a year to review and approve transactions undertaken, to review performance, to consider strategic investment issues and determine asset allocation. Each area of investment is reviewed in depth at least once a year on a rolling programme.

However, the actual day-to-day investment of the Scheme's funds is managed from the Fund's own premises at 125 Old Broad Street, in London. The Investment Office staff are employed by the British Steel Pension Fund.