British Steel Pension Scheme
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Benefits on Death in Service

If you die while you are an employee Member of the Standard Section, the following benefits will be payable:

  • Lump sum benefit 

    A lump sum equal to 4 times your highest Earnings in the last 5 years payable to your dependants and/or personal representatives under a discretionary trust. To have your wishes taken into account, it is helpful for you to have completed a Nomination Form or, if appropriate, a Will.

  • Widow/Widower/Civil Partner’s Pension

    If you are survived by a legal widow/widower, a pension equal to half your pension based on what your entitlement would be to an Incapacity pension with a minimum of 10 years service would be paid. The pension is payable for life and subject to annual increases in accordance with the Rules of the Scheme. Details of any pension payable to a Civil Partner are available on request to the Pensions Office.

  • Childrens Allowances

    Where applicable, childrens' allowances are also payable

  • If you have made pension contributions to the Scheme's Defined Contribution Section, your beneficiaries will receive the value of your Member Account as a lump sum.  See Excess defined contributions (including TUCs).