British Steel Pension Scheme
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Trustee Board

The Trustee board meets at least four times a year (normally March, June, September and December) to discuss the management of the Scheme.

The Directors of the Trustee board currently comprises:

Company Nominated Trustee Directors (CNTDs)

     Allan Johnston, (Trustee Chairman), Investment Office, London

     Martin Driscoll, Port Talbot

     Andy Dunbar, Port Talbot


      Steve Maddock, Investment Office, London

     Andy McNeil, Shotton

     Jo Regan, Newport


Member Nominated Trustee Directors (MNDs)

     Shaun Corten, Pensioner MND


      Sue Mather, Rotherham

      Martyn Rees, Port Talbot

      Peter Rees, Trostre


      Ian Williams, Port Talbot