British Steel Pension Scheme
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P60 (End of Year Certificates)

P60 certificates are issued annually with a letter explaining the value of the increased Standard Section pension to all pensioners and dependants at the end of March. The P60 includes the following information:

  • Pension payment received during the tax year (the tax year is different from the Scheme Year therefore the amount quoted on your P60 will differ from your annual scheme pension)

  • The tax code used during the tax year

  • The tax paid or refunded during the tax year

You may need your P60 as proof of your income received or if you have any queries about the level of tax you have paid during the tax year so you should keep the document in a safe place for future reference. A guide explaining your Pension Payment Advice/P60 further can be viewed here.

A separate guide is available for pensioners of the former Corus Engineering Steels Pension Scheme and can be viewed here.