British Steel Pension Scheme
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Pension Payment Dates


Monthly pensions are due in advance on the first working day of each month* and are usually paid into your bank account on the last working day of the preceding month. This is to allow for possible delays in the banking system.

Payments to building society accounts and bank accounts outside the UK can take longer to process.

The payment dates for 2016/17 are as follows:

Friday 29 April 2016
Tuesday 31 May 2016
Thursday 30 June 2016
Friday 29 July 2016
Wednesday 31 August 2016
Friday 30 September 2016
Monday 31 October 2016
Wednesday 30 November 2016
Friday 23 December 2016
Tuesday 31 January 2017
Tuesday 28 February 2017
Friday 31 March 2017

*For those members in receipt of a pension paid formerly through the Corus Engineering Steels Pension Scheme (CESPS) payroll, payment is generally made on the 6th of each month.  There are two months in 2016/17 where payment will be made earlier than 6th because it falls on a weekend i.e. Friday 5 August and Friday 4 November 2016.