British Steel Pension Scheme
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Investments for DC funds

You must decide where you wish to invest the contributions to your Member Account. This is an important decision, because the investment returns, risks and charges that your account achieves will have a direct impact on the size of your Member Account at retirement and the level of pension that you will have.

The Trustee has appointed Legal & General to provide administration and investment services to the Scheme.You can choose where you wish to invest your Member Account from a range of funds offered by Legal & General. 

The following DC investment options are available to employee members of the Standard Section:

Option 1 – Default Investment Option – Cash Focussed Lifestyle Strategy.

This lifestyle strategy is the default option for Standard Section members with excess DC contributions or TUCs who do not make any active investment decision.

Option 2 – Self-select lifestyle strategies– Two alternative lifestyle strategies

Option 3 – Self-select investment funds– Nine asset class funds


Default investment option

  • Cash Focussed Lifestyle Strategy

This is the default lifestyle option for Standard Section members with excess DC contributions/TUCs who are less confident about making investment decisions and require assistance in making their choice. This option has, with the Trustee and its investment adviser’s input, been designed to offer members a capital preservation objective and should meet the needs of the majority of Standard Section members with excess DC contributions/TUCs.

  • The default option uses a process called Lifestyling. This means your Member Account is automatically moved from investments designed for growth to investments that may protect the value of your account as you approach your target retirement age
  • This lifestyle strategy is currently made up of the Legal & General Global Equity Market Weights 30:70 Index Fund for the growth phase, i.e. the period up to 20 years before your target retirement age. For the decumulation phase, the 20 years running up to target retirement age, the lifestyle strategy gradually moves to the Legal & General Diversified Growth Fund, and in the final 5 years before your target retirement age moves to targeting the Legal & General Diversified Growth Fund (30%) and the Legal & General Cash Fund (70%) by your target retirement age.

Important note: This lifestyle strategy targets cash at your target retirement age and may not be appropriate if you do not intend to take your Member Account as cash.

For those who wish to actively choose where they wish to invest their Member Account, the following options are available:

Self select lifestyle strategies

The two lifestyle strategies below are closed. However, Standard Section employee members who are currently paying Top Up Contributions (TUC) into either of these lifestyle strategies can continue investing in them as appropriate.

Self select investment funds

You can access a list of charges for the available funds here.


You can switch between the investment funds that the Trustee has made available at any time. Switching is currently free of charge. You can manage your account by clicking on the 'Click Here' link box below. This will take you to the Legal and General website where you can access information about your personal fund whenever you want.

If you require further information in regard to investment choices:

Worksave Pension Investment Option- Legal & General's guide to choosing how to invest your pension fund and to help you make the decisions that are right for you.

Decisions- a guide to help understand the things you need to think about when making your investment choices. 

Neither the Company nor the Pensions Office can give you advice about selecting the appropriate investment fund. If you need help in deciding which of the funds best suits your investment needs, you should seek external independent financial advice. The IFA Promotions website has contact details for local independent financial advisers.